Things We Love About StartMail

Things We Love About StartmMil

We, as StartMail employees, are also StartMail users, which helps us understand our product in the best way possible and adapt it into something functional and practical for our daily activities.

We’ve asked around our virtual office to see what our colleagues like the best about our product and how they use it in their everyday life. Here’s what they told us.  


Not a big surprise here since it’s also one of our users’ favorite features. This feature allows you to create an alternate email address that is linked to your main email address and you can still maintain one central login and inbox. It protects your privacy AND helps to keep your inbox free of spam! Our staff uses it to subscribe to newsletters or sell items on public forums such as Craigslist.

Email filtering

As simple as it sounds, this feature helps you get organized, no sweat; you can create folders and filter your emails to have a clean & organized inbox. “I use filters to keep a clean inbox and move newsletters and updates in the right folders automatically.” 


This feature allows you to retrieve emails from your favorite email programs! “This helps me use my StartMail account on every device.”


The idea behind encryption is to ensure that only the sender and the intended recipient can read the message’s content. In simple words, encryption is good to use when sharing private information. “I use encryption, regardless of the information I am sharing, simply because with StartMail it is super easy to do it. It also comes in handy when sharing private details, such as bank accounts and other personal information.”


If you are already a StartMail user, you know we believe that your privacy is a basic human right; that is why we never read your email! “I love the fact that our product is not tracking my behavior, nor reading my email; there are no ads and the data is hosted on servers in the Netherlands – this is real privacy for me.”

Is yours on the list?

By the way, if you were hoping to purchase your StartMail account, we have good news, we’ve extended our Black Friday Deal! until the 10th of December. For current users, keep in mind that you and your friend can earn a 50% discount for an account renewal or upgrade with the referral program.

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