1. On the left side of the image is the text 'StartMail Update'. On the right side of the image is a laptop displaying the StartMail inbox interface. The laptop is partly displayed in the right corner. Showing a glimpse of StartMail's interface.

    Latest StartMail Updates: Power Savings, Account Recovery and Email Authentication

    Our latest updates include a reduction in server power consumption, streamlined account recovery, improved email authentication for domains, and better email readability.

  2. The image shows a laptop. On the screen you see a newsletter sign up form that promises a 10% discount if an email address is shared. On top of the sign up form you see a StartMail illustration of an email alias mask.

    Top 10 Situations to Use a Burner Email Address Instead of Your Real One

    Discover how a burner email address can enhance your online privacy in 10 common situations. Learn the benefits of using disposable emails to protect your real email from spam, phishing, and unwanted contact.

  3. Blogpost illustration of a fishing hook in the centre, surrounded by 3 floating blobs with an illustration of an envelope (email), contacts and folders all secured and locked by StartMail so the hook can't catch them.

    The Cost of Phishing Scams

    Phishing scams have become a persistent threat in the digital world, resulting in financial loss, compromised personal information, and damaged reputations. We explore real-life examples, the cost to businesses, and strategies for mitigating the risk of falling victim to these attacks.

  4. Blog post image of a hallway in an office with a StartMail illustration of StartMail's CEO Robert Beens

    Navigating a Private Future: StartMail’s Long-Term Mission

    StartMail has been protecting your email privacy since 2013. Learn more about the mission of our company in this article from our founder and CEO.

  5. Blogpost image of the Skiff logo pointing to the StartMail logo, inviting Skiff users to migrate to StartMail

    Why Privacy-Conscious Users Should Switch to StartMail Amidst Skiff Shutdown

    The shutdown of Skiff has highlighted the significance of reliability and longevity when it comes to privacy-focused services. At StartMail, we have a strong dedication to privacy that has been built over a decade of experience and trust.

  6. Blogpost image of a laptop surrounded by a green encrypted glow. In the top right of the laptop there is a StartMail illustrated lock. The laptop is displaying the text Data Privacy Day 28 January.

    Three Things to Remember This Data Privacy Day

    As Data Privacy Day approaches on January 28th, we examine the significance of privacy as a key to a free society.

  7. Illustration of 3 hands holding a survey with checkmarks

    StartMail Survey: Majority of US Citizens Concerned over Email Security and AI as Distrust in Big Tech and Government Grows

    The majority of U.S citizens aged 18-99 are concerned about the security of their emails, our new survey finds.

  8. Blog post image of a black and white illustrated volla phone, and on the right the Volla logo.

    Exclusive Interview with Volla CEO and Founder, Dr. Jörg Wurzer

    Protecting data privacy and simplifying user experience - a look into Volla's success story with Founder and Managing Director Dr. Jörg Wurzer.

  9. Blog post image of a magnifying glass observing an email with the Microsoft Outlook logo next to it

    Microsoft Outlook Update Raises Privacy Concerns

    Outlook update sparks privacy concerns as user data and credentials may be sent to Microsoft servers, even for non-Microsoft email providers.

  10. Confetti and the number ten. Also the copy "StartMail turns ten."

    Celebrating a Decade of Privacy: StartMail Turns 10

    Ten years ago, more than 50,000 users signed up for our beta-launch to help us take the next step towards email privacy – StartMail was launched. In this article, we revisit some of our milestones.