• icon storage

    10GB of storage

    If you want to keep your emails, you have plenty of space to do so.

  • icon mobile

    Email on your mobile device

    A smooth, responsive interface that works on modern mobile devices.

  • icon customer support

    Great customer support

    If you need help, we are there for you. Our support team consists of humans who use StartMail daily - no chatbots found here.

  • icon trusted devices

    Access email on any modern device

    Use your web browser or your favorite email programs, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail.

  • icon layout

    Inbox layout options

    View your inbox while reading your emails. Or decrease the spacing to easily scan your emails.

  • icon search

    Easily find any email

    Our search tool helps you find any email you are looking for.

  • icon email spam

    Say goodbye to spam

    You can train your own, personal and private spam filter. Mark your spam emails and the filter will redirect new spam out of your inbox.

  • icon seperate organise

    Organize your inbox with filters

    Create filters to automatically move emails to existing folders.

  • icon custom domain

    Use your own domain

    Custom Domain

    Send and receive secure email from your own email domain. For example,

  • Icon representing Migration, contains a cloud and an envelope

    Migrate emails and contacts

    Move your existing contacts and emails from other providers in just a few clicks.

  • Icon of an email envelope and a user, representing group subscriptions

    Add email accounts to your subscription

    Our group subscriptions offer discounted rates for additional email inboxes, so you can invite your family or team members to StartMail.


  • icon no ads

    No ads, no tracking

    We don't track your email activity, serve you ads, or sell your data. Your data belongs to you.

  • icon eye closed

    We never read your email

    We believe that your privacy is a basic human right worth fighting for.

  • icon gdpr

    Complies with EU’s GDPR

    Widely regarded as the highest privacy standards in the world.

  • icon aliases

    Unlimited StartMail aliases

    Extra email addresses you can create and delete at any time. Helps to keep your main address exclusive, and prevent spam and phishing.

  • icon cross

    Block tracking pixels

    We protect you from email tracking by hiding senders’ external images by default. You can choose to show the images from senders you trust.

  • icon ip pin

    Hidden IP addresses

    Emails you send contain headers that include your IP address. We hide the IP address to prevent you from being tracked.

  • icon link

    Malicious link protection

    On by default, external link warnings are shown when you click external links. They show the full web address of the link, which will open in a new tab if you decide to continue.

  • icon bitcoin

    Pay by Bitcoin

    You can pay for your annual subscription anonymously using Bitcoin. Contact us and we'll give you the Bitcoin price and address to transfer the amount.


  • icon cursor

    PGP encrypted emails

    With one click, you can encrypt your email with PGP and ensure that only the recipients can read your message.

  • icon lock

    Send encrypted emails to anyone

    If your recipient doesn’t use encryption, they can receive and reply to your encrypted emails with a password you set for them.

  • icon pen signature

    Verify your sent email with a PGP signature

    Sign your email and prove to the recipients that your message is authentic.


  • icon vault

    Encrypted data

    Your data is encrypted inside a personal vault, and we use secure TLS connections wherever possible to encrypt your messages in transit.

  • icon server lock

    Self-hosted servers in the Netherlands

    Your data doesn’t ‘fly through the cloud’ but is securely locked on our own servers in the Netherlands. Our data center is ISO 27001 certified and complies with the EU’s GDPR, the world’s strictest privacy regulations.

  • icon 2fa

    Account access with 2FA

    Use two-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional security layer to access your account. Then, even if someone knows your password, they won't be able to access your account without your verification device.

  • icon lock code

    Account recovery options

    Set up the account recovery method of your choice — a one-time use code or an alternative email address, or both. Then, if you ever lose your password, you can recover your account.

Contacts management

  • icon add contact

    Import Google or iOS contacts

    Export a vCard of your contacts from Google or iOS and simply upload the file into StartMail. All your existing contacts are added at once.

  • icon contact export

    Export your contacts

    Share your StartMail contacts with other programs. It only takes one click to export them all.

  • icon contact group

    Email a group of contacts

    Create contact groups - such as your family, clients, or a group of friends. Quickly email them all by typing the group name as the recipient.

Frequently asked questions

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    Release notes

    Learn about what has recently been added to our product and what we are working on.

    Release notes
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    Looking for product support? Check out our support center with knowledge based articles or submit a request to our support team.

    Visit support
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    Check out our latest articles, guides, or news about privacy on our blog.


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