1. A Beginner’s Guide to IMAP: How to Configure a Secure Email Connection

    Discover how IMAP and SMTP can enhance your email experience. We’ll show you how to set up a secure connection for your StartMail account.

  2. StartMail blog post image of a desk containing a plant, ipad, a jar filled with pencils, and a laptop. The laptop displays an illustrated envelope containing 3 email addresses with the same custom domain: yourname@example.com, support@example.com and info@example.com.

    Four Advantages of Using a Custom Email Domain

    We explore the advantages of using a custom email domain and how StartMail can help you make the transition seamlessly.

  3. Blogpost illustration of a fishing hook in the centre, surrounded by 3 floating blobs with an illustration of an envelope (email), contacts and folders all secured and locked by StartMail so the hook can't catch them.

    The Cost of Phishing Scams

    Phishing scams have become a persistent threat in the digital world, resulting in financial loss, compromised personal information, and damaged reputations. We explore real-life examples, the cost to businesses, and strategies for mitigating the risk of falling victim to these attacks.

  4. Blog post image of a magnifying glass observing an email with the Microsoft Outlook logo next to it

    Microsoft Outlook Update Raises Privacy Concerns

    Outlook update sparks privacy concerns as user data and credentials may be sent to Microsoft servers, even for non-Microsoft email providers.

  5. Blog post image of zoomed in shot of a phone displaying the apps: Gmail and StartMail

    StartMail vs Gmail: A Privacy-Focused Gmail Alternative

    With the average person spending several hours a day on email, it's essential to make sure you're using a provider that prioritizes privacy. In this article, we take a look at StartMail and Gmail and compare them on four key privacy aspects.

  6. Blogpost image of a women behind her laptop with a note book and sticky notes being orgainized. There is a StartMail illustration of an envelope going into a folder that symbolised StartMail's filter feature.

    Boost Your Email Productivity: Tips for Keeping Your StartMail Inbox Organized

    Struggling to manage your overflowing inbox? Learn some easy strategies to effortlessly organize your StartMail messages and maximize your email productivity.

  7. Blog post image: The Power of Privacy 10 Ways Keeping Your Life Private Can Benefit You

    10 Ways Keeping Your Life Private Can Benefit You

    Are you tired of feeling like your life is on display? Discover the power of privacy with these 10 benefits of keeping your personal life to yourself.

  8. Blog Post Image 'How to Use Email Aliases to Protect Your Privacy'. We see a woman sitting in an airport waiting area. She is browsing on her phone and has an illustrated  bag over her head, to indicate that her privacy is protected.

    Travel Booking Hack: Protect Your Privacy and Save Money with Email Aliases

    Looking to get the best prices for travel while keeping your privacy protected? Read on to learn how using email aliases can help.

  9. This image shows a laptop on a desk. The screen shows the StartMail migration portal. You also see three colourful envelopes flying out of the screen, indicating the migration of emails from another email provider to StartMail.

    Make the Switch: Migrating to a Secure Email Provider to Protect Your Privacy

    More and more people are switching to secure email providers to protect their privacy from Big Tech companies that scan and store personal data. This article explains the benefits of switching to a secure email provider like StartMail, and outlines the quick and easy process of email migration.

  10. Photographic image of a laptop. In the left corner a glimpse of the back of a women, who has her hands on the keyboard. The laptop is displaying an illustrated hand that pops out of the laptop, holding a security badge.

    Top Tips for Protecting Your Privacy as a Consumer

    One of the most pressing issues facing consumers today is the protection of our privacy and data. As consumer activity continues to grow, the incidence of online scams and data misuse is also increasing. In this blog, we’ll explore some top tips for protecting your privacy as a consumer.