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Welcome to StartMail

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. That's why we created StartMail – to protect your email from advertisers, government surveillance, and spam and put you back in control of your data.

Our mission started with the creation of Startpage, the world’s most private search engine, in 2006. As we learned more about the importance of online privacy, we knew we had to expand our mission to provide a complete private email solution. StartMail was officially launched in 2013 and has been chosen by hundreds of thousands of privacy-conscious people across the globe to keep their emails safe.

We offer a range of features to help you keep your communication and data private, including one-click encryption, extra-secure data storage, and unlimited disposable email addresses. We are the easy-to-use alternative to Big Tech products like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail, and we are the choice of those who prioritize their privacy.

Your privacy is our priority

StartMail was founded with one core mission: giving people the power to protect their email privacy.

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    European privacy

    We believe that privacy is a fundamental right, and that email communications should be private and secure. StartMail is independent from any commercial third parties or governments. Our headquarters and servers are located in the Netherlands, ensuring that your emails and data are protected by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the world's highest privacy standard.

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    10 years trusted protection

    StartMail has a long history in privacy technology since our launch in 2013. As one of the first private email providers, our service has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of privacy-conscious people – and our team of security and privacy experts works tirelessly to maintain that trust. We are transparent about our policies and service, so that our users know exactly how their data is being protected.

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    Putting you back in control

    At StartMail, our mission is to put you back in control of your data. We provide the tools you need to manage your email account and keep your data private. You can choose which data you share with us, and you can delete your account and all associated data at any time. And when you delete an email or your account, it's gone for good.

Top tech and privacy brands talk about StartMail

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‘‘We value your freedom the same way we value your privacy!

"As the founder and CEO of StartMail, I am extremely proud of the product that we have created. StartMail is built with security, simplicity, and privacy in mind, offering a user-centric email service that puts you in control. We're committed to protecting your privacy and your freedom of choice by giving you control over your data. "

Robert E.G. Beens
Founder and CEO

Robert is a recognized privacy expert who has been featured in top publications such as Forbes and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Our milestones

In the past decade, we've made incredible strides and achieved some remarkable milestones. Let's take a look back at a timeline of some of the highlights!

the first time line, illustration of a rocket

✉️ Launch and first email sent


StartMail, founded by Robert E.G. Beens and David Bodnick, the creators of Startpage, launches its public beta. More than 50,000 users from around the world test our world-class secure email service. The first email from StartMail is sent from the first account created on November 5th, 2013 at 14:53:33 +0100.

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🚀 Release and Recognition


In the first half of 2014, our email service is officially released to the public. Shortly after that, StartMail wins the prestigious PCMAG Editors' Choice Award in the US.

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🇩🇪 Willkommen bei StartMail


StartMail becomes available in German language. Within less than a year, our email service is adopted by over 10,000 paying customers as their secure means of communication.

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🕵🏼‍♂️ Global exposure


In September, Startpage hosts a global live interview with Edward Snowden, during which StartMail’s secure email service and the importance of encryption technology is highlighted.

the fifth time line, with an illustration of the GDPR logo; a blue circle with a lock in the middle surrounded by stars

🇪🇺 The age of privacy legislation


Europe adopts the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), establishing a new era of data protection. With StartMail, customers can already communicate securely, knowing that their personal data is protected.

the sixth time line, illustration of a paint brush, with some blue paint on the tip

🖌 Reskin


StartMail introduces a new look. With a more modern design and an improved user experience, StartMail's webmail is now even more intuitive and easy to use. Privacy tips and onboarding guides are added to the interface to ensure that users can make the most of our secure email service. In March 2020, StartMail implements MTA-STS, a new internet standard that ensures secure transportation of emails.

the seventh time line, icons representing Custom Domain (browser, .com), Group Subscription (envelope and person) and Migration (envelope and cloud)

📨 Custom Domains, group subscriptions, migration, and more


Major improvements to StartMail’s email service are released, introducing Custom Domain Accounts, group subscriptions, and monthly payments within a few months. A new migration tool makes it easy to import emails and contacts. These innovations reflect our commitment to providing a more flexible, secure and user-friendly email experience for our customers.

the eighth time line, icons representing Aliases (two masks) and Storage (a box)

🎭 Major upgrade for aliases and storage


A major upgrade to StartMail’s alias feature is launched, allowing customers to generate disposable burner aliases with one click. Storage size for all plans is doubled from 10GB to 20GB, offering significantly larger storage capacity than competitors on comparable plans and popular free email providers.

Keep your email safe with StartMail

Learn more how StartMail can protect your online communication and don't ever pay with your privacy again!

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Watch the video to learn how StartMail protects your privacy.

  • No ads, no tracking
  • Secure encryption methods
  • Unlimited email aliases

...and much more!

the HSD office building

Partnership with Security Delta (HSD)

StartMail has partnered with Security Delta (HSD), where our offices are situated. As a Dutch innovation center, businesses partnered with HSD can learn from each other to innovate on security solutions.

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    Are you a publisher or member of the press and interested in more information? We have a full press kit and contact information available for you.

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