Release Notes March 2020

Release Notes March 2020

What’s new in StartMail? 

It’s been a crazy month! We hope you are safe and healthy.

Like so many teams, we had to shift to work-from-home over night. In these challenging times, we are as dedicated as ever to keep improving our product for you. Here is the overview of the new features and bug fixes for the past month.

📣 New features

Date and time settings

We uncoupled the date and time settings from your language setting. So you can now set your preferred date and time formats independent of the language. Find these new settings under Account settings.

Password Fields

We have now added two password input fields when creating an account or resetting your password. This allows you to make sure you have the correct password setup from the start!

Available storage space

StartMail gives you 10GB of storage space on your personal account. Ever wondered how much space you still had left? You can now find out in settings under Account settings.

🔒 hCaptcha for signup

Last month we got a lot of trial signup abuse. Someone created well over a thousand trial accounts in a short period of time! We’ve added a captcha to the signup form to protect against this type of abuse. We know captchas are annoying. But we had to do something and we want to let people sign up and sample the product without requiring payment details right away.

🐛 Bug fixes

Contact management

We fixed some inconsistencies and bugs with editing contacts. For example

  • you could sometimes not add another email address to an existing contact
  • after saving a contact it could look like you had no contacts at all

All of these bugs have now been fixed so you can be sure to edit and save all your contacts.

Password recovery

Some of you informed us that you were unable to reset your password on the new StartMail. We have temporarily moved password reset back to the classic StartMail version. This way you can reset your password if you lose it and we can fix the issue.

Folder management

We found that when moving a folder you couldn’t move another folder that was in the folder you initially moved. This has now been fixed.

🎁 What is next?

We are currently working on, among other things:

  • further improving the contacts functionality
  • completing the password recovery flow
  • fixing bugs

Stay tuned!

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