1. In the background an image of a laptop and glasses, in the centre of the image an illustration of StartMail's CEO, Robert Beens

    Interview with StartMail CEO and Co-founder Robert E.G. Beens

    In an interview with SafetyDetectives, Robert E.G. Beens, CEO and co-founder of StartMail talked about his journey into the world of privacy and shed light on why email privacy should be a concern for everyone.

  2. Blogpost image of a women behind her laptop with a note book and sticky notes being orgainized. There is a StartMail illustration of an envelope going into a folder that symbolised StartMail's filter feature.

    Boost Your Email Productivity: Tips for Keeping Your StartMail Inbox Organized

    Struggling to manage your overflowing inbox? Learn some easy strategies to effortlessly organize your StartMail messages and maximize your email productivity.

  3. Blog post image: The Power of Privacy 10 Ways Keeping Your Life Private Can Benefit You

    10 Ways Keeping Your Life Private Can Benefit You

    Are you tired of feeling like your life is on display? Discover the power of privacy with these 10 benefits of keeping your personal life to yourself.

  4. Blog Post Image 'How to Use Email Aliases to Protect Your Privacy'. We see a woman sitting in an airport waiting area. She is browsing on her phone and has an illustrated  bag over her head, to indicate that her privacy is protected.

    Travel Booking Hack: Protect Your Privacy and Save Money with Email Aliases

    Looking to get the best prices for travel while keeping your privacy protected? Read on to learn how using email aliases can help.

  5. Blogpost image of about 8 app like squares of different illustrated logos from email providers, such as Thunderbird, Gmail, Proton, Outlook, Apple Mail, Tutanota, Mailfence and StartMail. The StartMail logo stands out from the rest

    What Makes Startmail Different From Other Privacy Email Providers?

    Looking for a privacy-focused email provider that stands out from the rest? Dive into this article to explore the distinguishing features of StartMail and learn why it's the ideal choice for protecting your privacy.

  6. This image shows a laptop on a desk. The screen shows the StartMail migration portal. You also see three colourful envelopes flying out of the screen, indicating the migration of emails from another email provider to StartMail.

    Make the Switch: Migrating to a Secure Email Provider to Protect Your Privacy

    More and more people are switching to secure email providers to protect their privacy from Big Tech companies that scan and store personal data. This article explains the benefits of switching to a secure email provider like StartMail, and outlines the quick and easy process of email migration.

  7. Photographic image of a laptop. In the left corner a glimpse of the back of a women, who has her hands on the keyboard. The laptop is displaying an illustrated hand that pops out of the laptop, holding a security badge.

    Top Tips for Protecting Your Privacy as a Consumer

    One of the most pressing issues facing consumers today is the protection of our privacy and data. As consumer activity continues to grow, the incidence of online scams and data misuse is also increasing. In this blog, we’ll explore some top tips for protecting your privacy as a consumer.

  8. Close up photographic image of a keyboard with colourful sticky notes, displaying notes of different passwords. And on the left side, in the StartMail illustrated style, a StartMail-brand-blue pen.

    Are Your Password Policies Obsolete? 5 Tips for Better Password Management

    Learn the latest password security best practices to protect your sensitive information. Discover why traditional password policies may be obsolete and get 5 tips for better password management in this article.

  9. Photographic image of a man behind his laptop. In the StartMail illustration style a paper bag with an illustrated face representing Bagman, representing being anonymous.

    Don’t Get Tracked Online: How to Use Email Aliases to Protect Your Privacy

    Many websites and apps now require an email address to access content. But not many people understand the potential risks associated with giving away this piece of personal data. Read on to learn how email aliases can help protect you from being tracked online.

  10. A photograph of a woman sitting behind her laptop with a cup on the left side. The woman has her hands on her face and has a shocked expression. On the laptop is an illustration of a surveillance camera in the StartMail brand style.

    Startling Email Privacy Facts That Will Make You Rethink How to Protect Your Inbox

    From cyber attacks to surveillance and phishing scams, the threats to your email security are real. But don't worry, solutions exist. Keep reading to discover some surprising email privacy facts and how to take control of your inbox by using a secure email provider.