1. A photograph displaying crushed up doller bills. In the center of the image is a yellow sign with the text "Scam Alert". "Scam" has illustrated letters in the StartMail brand style.

    6 Common Types of Email Scams to Watch For

    Gone are the days when all email scams were riddled with typos and sent en masse to anyone with an inbox. Their messages aren’t relegated to outrageous scenarios, either — Nigerian prince schemes have fallen by the wayside in favor of package delivery errors or work-related requests. Here are a few to watch out for.

  2. A photograph of a woman sitting behind her laptop with a cup on the left side. The woman has her hands on her face and has a shocked expression. On the laptop is an illustration of a surveillance camera in the StartMail brand style.

    Startling Email Privacy Facts That Will Make You Rethink How to Protect Your Inbox

    From cyber attacks to surveillance and phishing scams, the threats to your email security are real. But don't worry, solutions exist. Keep reading to discover some surprising email privacy facts and how to take control of your inbox by using a secure email provider.

  3. A photograph of a laptop displaying purple and blue fireworks. On the left side of the laptop is a wallet and mobile laying on a table. On the right side of the laptop is a cup. In the front of the laptop is a notebook, with an illustration of a lock in the StartMail brand style. On top of the notebook there are reading glasses.

    How to Keep Your Data Safe in the New Year

    The beginning of a new year is the ideal time to reevaluate your online safety and privacy practices. Whether you’re a tech-savvy user or just getting started, this blog will help you learn how to keep your data safe in the new year.

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    Keep Track of Email Aliases and Switch Your Billing Cycle Easily

    From an upgrade to our alias feature to new billing cycle options, read on for more information about our latest updates.

  5. A photo of a blurred laptop screen. On top of the opened laptop screen is a gift box. On top of the gift box is a StartMail brand style illustrated blue ribbon, and a tag with the StartMail logo on it. The image represents privacy gifts for someone who values online security and privacy.

    The 5 Best Privacy Gifts to Keep Your Data Safe

    Do you have a friend or family member who is particularly concerned about their digital privacy? Are you looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation for their security-savvy ways? Look no further! This blog post brings you the 5 best privacy gifts to keep your data safe.

  6. blogpost-image of a laptop displaying StartMail's release notes

    Release Notes November 2022

    This month, we’re introducing Group Subscriptions. Read on to find out what else is new in November.

  7. Photograph of a laptop computer from a eagles eye perspective. There are two hands covering part of the keyboard. The left hand is holding a phone displaying a shopping card icon with a lock inside, indicating safe and secure online shopping. The right hand is holding a credit card. The image represent safe online shopping and provides tips for secure online transactions.

    10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

    Trillions of dollars are spent on online shopping each year while online scams and identity theft are on the rise. Here are ten tips to help you stay safe when shopping online.

  8. blogpost-image of a laptop displaying StartMail's release notes

    Release Notes October 2022

    This month, we’re very excited to share an update to our subscription options for new customers. Read on to find out what else is new in October.

  9. A photograph of a desk with office binders on the left. A desktop, keyboard, glasses and a phone in the middle. And a plant on the left. This working place is covered with yellow crime scene numbers and tape. The image has a dark and grim feel to it. The is also a StartMail brand illustration across the image in the StartMail blue color with the text 'Cyber Crime Scene'.

    4 Email Hacking Horror Stories to Haunt You This Halloween

    This Halloween, we’ve collected some of the most horrifying real-life email hacking stories for you. And provide 5 tips to protect you from becoming the main character in the next hacking horror tale.

  10. blogpost-image of a laptop displaying StartMail's release notes

    Release Notes September 2022

    Our latest releases include significant improvements to the user experience of our email and contacts migration flow, as well as bug fixes. Read on to find out what’s new in September.