Our Story

As early as 2006, we saw how the data-hunger of online services was threatening people's privacy. Tracking our behavior, profiling us, exploiting us with personalized ads. Our Brave New World was quickly turning into a privacy nightmare.


Privacy is a fundamental human right worth fighting for, and we believe our personal data should not be collected without our knowledge and consent. So we first built the world’s most private search engine - Startpage - now enjoyed by millions around the world every day. It offers the best possible search results while not storing any of your personal information and protecting your privacy.


Our next challenge was email privacy. Everyone uses email but sending regular email is structurally unsafe. It's like sending a postcard - which makes snooping very easy. We want everyone to enjoy secure, ad-free email communication without surveillance. That's why we built StartMail from the ground up with your privacy in mind. An easy-to-use alternative to Big Tech products like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail, that can't be trusted.


And so, StartMail was created.


Now StartMail is a complete private email solution - protecting your data, activity, and privacy. It includes features like extra-secure data storage, disposable alias email addresses, and an ownership that will resist unwarranted intrusion. It has easy‐to‐use one‐click encryption, a very clear privacy policy, and is quickly gaining in popularity.

Our Values

  • Privacy

    We are passionate about your privacy and believe it is a fundamental human right worth fighting for. We have an uncompromising commitment to keep you safe.

  • Independent Protection

    StartMail is a company based in the Netherlands, independent from any commercial third parties or governments. We are protected by Dutch and EU privacy laws, the world's most stringent. We answer to you, our customers—not to Big Tech—and we offer freedom of choice.

  • Trust

    Protecting you with the best possible security and privacy solutions since 2006, we believe that our transparency and consistency will earn your trust.

Meet our leadership team

Founder and CEO

Robert Beens

Robert E.G. Beens, our founder and CEO, leads our global team of engineers, creators, and support team.

Privacy is not just our policy. It’s our mission.
  • Co-founder

    David Bodnick

    "Personal data should not be collected without our knowledge and consent."

  • COO

    Paul Bastowski

    "Privacy is like your own thoughts. You wouldn't want anyone analysing them."

  • CTO

    Ronald Evers

    "I focus on security, so people can get their privacy."

  • VP Business Development

    Alex van Eesteren

    "You may have 'nothing to hide', but you have so much to protect!"

  • Head of Product

    Nadine Donaldson

    "Privacy is not at afterthought, you have to do it from the start!"

  • Head of Marketing

    Isha Mehla

    "I'm proud to work for a company which keeps the interest of its customers first and strongly believes in data privacy as everyone's fundamental right."

Join our team of experts

We are a friendly and dedicated bunch of people from all over the world that care deeply about privacy. We try to excel at what we do individually and together as a team. Building a fantastic product that makes a difference. We care about our customers' experience and satisfaction. We take pride in contributing to empowering people to take back their online privacy.

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Partnership with Security Delta (HSD)

StartMail has partnered with Security Delta (HSD). As a Dutch innovation center, businesses partnered with HSD can learn from each other to innovate on security solutions.

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European Roots

StartMail was founded in the Netherlands in 2014. Our mission is to raise awareness of and, most importantly, protect people’s worldwide right to privacy. As our company, including our data servers, are located here your data is protected by Dutch privacy legislation and the European Union's GDPR.

Learn more about GDPR

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