1. blogpost-image of a laptop displaying a password field and a lock

    Tips on Creating a Strong Password

    Upper case, lower case, numbers, symbols, the tears of your enemies…a strong password creation sometimes requires thought and patience, and even though we have been using the internet for quite a while, most people still struggle with this task.

  2. illustration of Phil Zimmermann & Phil Dunkelberger

    What is PGP Encryption? An Inside Look With Phil Zimmermann & Phil Dunkelberger

    PGP encryption is a critical security feature of StartMail’s email service – it scrambles the contents of your messages so that it can’t be read by anyone other than the sender and the intended recipient. And they really mean no one can read it, not even them! Though technologically complicated, they made it extremely user-friendly for StartMail users, ensuring that there are no obstacles to your email privacy.

  3. blogpost-image of a laptop displaying the StartMail website with a Holiday Special banner and an illustrated lock

    New Year’s Online Safety Commandments

    If you are into privacy like we are, these online privacy commandments are for you! Plus they’re way easier and more fulfilling than diets and excercise!

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    Things We Love About Startmail

    We, as StartMail employees, are also StartMail users, which helps us understand our product in the best way possible and adapt it into something functional and practical for our daily activities

  5. blogpost-image of an ipad displaying a Black Friday website with an illustrated arrow pointing to it

    Safety Tips for Black Friday Online Shopping

    We all love a good deal when acquiring our favorite items, and Black Friday is the paradise for those who love to save and shop. Here are some tips & tricks to protect your personal data & enjoy some nice retail therapy!

  6. blogpost-image of a man looking at his laptop screen with an illustrated lock

    Why Encryption Is So Important for Our Society

    Should the EU authorities be given backdoors to encrypted services?

  7. blogpost-image of a man looking at his laptop with an illustrated security shield with an email envelope inside

    Endpoint Security Working From Home

    With the rise of coronavirus cases, many companies have been forced to change their working scheme and adapt to a completely remote environment. For some, not much changed, but for others, the work-from-home situation was uncharted territory that introduced potential security traps. […]

  8. blogpost-image of stacked cans of spam with one illustrated word: spam

    How Scammers Get Your Private Email Address (And What You Can Do About It)

    Have you ever received a strange email and wondered how it got into your inbox?

    You’re not alone. Spammers send over 14.5 billion spam emails a day – a total of 45% of all emails sent. You’ve likely […]

  9. blogpost-image an annonimous man with an illustrated bag over his head behind his laptop

    Startmail’s Alias Feature: The Best Way to Improve Your Privacy and Keep Your Inbox Uncluttered

    Have you noticed all the “You haven’t heard from us in a while, but we’d like to reassure you…” emails about Covid-19 from basically ANY product or service you’ve used online? A restaurant that you visited 5 years ago, an online shop where you once bought a random gift for someone’s birthday, or an employment […]

  10. blogpost-image of many bitcoins and one illustrated bitcoin

    Protect Your Cryptocurrencies and All Crypto-Related Communications With Startmail

    Did you know that since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies have been stolen? One of the main reasons? Email.  Most cryptocurrency owners opt for using a provider, such as an exchange wallet, to secure their crypto rather than holding the crypto themselves, since that can be quite complex. […]