StartMail Doubles Storage to 20GB for All Plans

StartMail Doubles Storage to 20GB for All Plans

We are thrilled to announce that we have just increased the storage size for all our plans from 10GB to 20GB – at no extra cost. This means you can now store twice as many emails and attachments in your StartMail account without having to worry about running out of space. This upgrade is already available for all new accounts and will be rolled out to current customers within the next weeks.

At StartMail, our goal is to make sure our customers have secure storage for all their email communication. With the increasing demand for more storage space, we decided to double the storage size across all our plans. This increased capacity gives you the flexibility and freedom to manage your emails more effectively.

If you have been holding back from transferring your emails to StartMail due to space limitations, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Thanks to our convenient email migration tool, you can transfer your emails from any provider - including Gmail and Yahoo - in a secure manner with a few simple clicks.

We take pride in our decade-long commitment to keeping the same price on all StartMail plans since day one. Despite many services becoming more expensive due to high inflation over the years, we're proud to offer you upgraded storage with additional value at no extra cost with our upgraded storage. StartMail now offers significantly larger storage capacity than other secure email providers on comparable plans and popular free email providers like Gmail.

Comparison chart to highlight who offers the best deal when it comes to Storage, Aliases and Annual Price. The comparison is between StartMail, ProtonMail and Gmail. StartMail offers the most storage: 20GB. Gmail and Proton both offer 15GB. StartMail offers unlimited aliases. Proton offers 10, and Gmail offer no aliases. StartMail's annual price for a personal plan, is $35.97 for the first year, with a 40% discount. Proton's Mail Plus Plan is $47.88, and Gmail is "Free", but you pay with your privacy.

Current customers will be receiving their doubled storage size automatically within the next weeks. To check whether your storage has already been upgraded, navigate to “Settings” → “Current storage” in the webmail environment or read our support article for more information about email storage. Don't have an account yet? Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of a secure and private email service with 20GB of storage.

We hope you enjoy your enhanced storage size and look forward to your feedback!

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