Release Notes September 2020 

What’s new in StartMail?

We hope you are all doing well! We have been working hard at StartMail to continue enhancing our product offering for you. Here you can find an overview of the new features for the month of September. 

📣 New features

Contact Management

We built a feature that allows you to write an email to multiple contacts and a contact group. It is now also possible to save multiple email addresses for a contact and mark one of them as a primary email address.    

Composing an email

We enhanced our compose email functionality with a focus on saving draft messages. We also included an improved toolbar and compose view to provide you with a clear overview when composing an email.    

PGP/Inline functionality

PGP/Inline is an encryption method that encrypts the message text and attachments separately instead of encrypting the email as a whole. Contacts whose email client does not support PGP can send you a PGP/Inline email by encrypting the message text in a standalone PGP tool before sending you the result as a plain text email.

🎁 What is next?

New sign-up flow 

In order to prevent email abuse, we will be making changes to the sign-up flow for new StartMail users by asking for payment details during account sign-up. Please note that payments will not be processed until after a Trial period expires, meaning you can cancel at anytime before the Trial period ends.   

Why is it necessary to provide payment details upon signing up?

  • Prevent anyone from using a StartMail account to send spam, distribute viruses, or otherwise abuse the service.

  • Allow us to maintain our solid reputation, ensuring your emails are not blocked by other email providers.

  • Prevent StartMail email addresses from being identified as spam by other email providers.

  • Our team can focus on what we do best, creating the best possible secure email experience for you 🙂 📧 👍.

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