Release Notes May 2022

May Release Notes 2022

Welcome to this month’s release notes! Below you’ll find the latest product improvements and updates. This includes automatic logout changes and more!

📣 What’s new?

Automatic logout now with authentication
Prior to this update, you were able to change the “Automatic Logout Period” in your 
Settings. As an additional security measure, we have now replaced the session 
duration menu with a new popup. This requires you to enter your password to 
change the logout period. When done successfully, the session length of your login 
will be updated immediately. Find out more in our Support Center article.

🐛 Bug Fixes

Automatic logout directly after login
It was brought to our attention that some users were being logged out of their 
StartMail account directly after completing a login. This bug has been fixed with our 
new popup which requires you to enter your account password. 

🎁 What's next?

General Improvements 
Our team will be working on improving the user experience for StartMail customers 
in the next months. This includes a walkthrough of our product for new users. 

Email Migration Tool in Beta Phase
We understand that switching from one email provider to another can take some time. 
Possibly the most difficult and tedious part of this process is moving your emails and 
contacts over to StartMail. To make this a whole lot easier we have partnered with 
ShuttleCloud to provide you with a secure and effortless email migration tool. We are 
also working on importing contacts, which will be added at a later stage.
Please note that the tool is currently in the Beta test phase, primarily available in 
English, and requires you to create an IMAP password yourself and keep it safely. If 
you would like to test this tool and provide our team with feedback, please do not 
hesitate to contact our Support team via

Stay tuned for more updates! 

Customer Reviews
Would you like to help us spread the word about StartMail on product review sites 
such as Trustpilot and Google, and how it can protect the privacy of your email 
communication? If so, contact our Support team via for more 

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