Release Notes March 2021

Release Notes March 2021

There’s no better way to kick off spring, than with some product updates. Below you’ll find the latest product improvements, promos, and news.

📣 What is new?

HTTP/2 & TLS 1.3 support

We now support HTTP/2 reducing bandwidth usage to make your webmail service faster & TLS 1.3 helping protect your account from attacks and the use of newer cryptographic algorithms that are harder to break, making your account extra safe.

Spring Promotion 🌼

If you were hoping to purchase your StartMail account, we have a special spring discount. For current users, you and your friend can both earn a 50% discount for an account renewal or upgrade with StartMail’s referral program.

🎁 What is next?

As we transition towards full reskin implementation, we wanted you to know we are listening to your suggestions and we are using them to improve your StartMail experience.

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