Release Notes April 2020

What’s new in StartMail? 

It has been another crazy month – we hope you are all still safe and healthy!

It is safe to say that our team, like many others, is still adapting to this new way of working in these challenging times. We are still doing our best to make the most of the situation to carry on improving our product for you.

Here you can find an overview of the new features and bug fixes for the month of April.

📣 New features

We have good news to share with our current and potential StartMail users! StartMail has been relisted as a recommended email provider on the PrivacyTools website. PrivacyTools is best known for their recommendations of the best services and tools to protect your online privacy from third-party intrusion and global mass surveillance. You can find the full article in our blog section!

Editor improvements

  • You can now move recipient badges around between the To, CC and BCC fields with drag and drop when composing an email.

  • You can now edit a recipient badge when composing a message. Just double click on the badge to start editing it.

Remember your email address

We know it can be annoying to have to enter your email address every time you want to login. You can now tick a box on the login form so you don’t have to reenter it every time. You’ll still need to enter your password to login so make sure to store it somewhere safe!

🐛 Bug fixes

Folders and sub-folders

Some of you reported issues when reorganizing your email folders. Specifically, you were unable to move a sub-folder of a moved folder. We fixed this so you can now organize your folders and emails as you want!

Contact management

We’ve asked some of you what you love and hate about the new StartMail. Contact management was one of the areas that you rightfully pointed out needs attention. We continue to work on it and have deployed and are working on some improvements and bug fixes.

  • When editing contacts, you would often get an empty email address added to them by mistake.
  • The contact group dropdown did not always work.

🎁 What is next?

  • Emoji support in the editor 🎉 🥰 🎉. StartMail actually already supports emojis if you copy/paste them from elsewhere. But we’re going to make it easier for you to add them to messages you’re composing!

  • Importing and exporting contacts is coming soon, along with other improvements to the contacts section.

  • Improving our homepage design.

Stay tuned!

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