A headshot photograph of David Pakman, a progressive American talk show host and commentator. Pakman is shown facing the camera with a serious expression, wearing a dark suit and a light blue shirt. He has short brown hair and is seated against a light grey background.


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includes a free 7-day trial

    "Protect your freedom, protect your privacy! Take back your email privacy today with StartMail!" — as heard on The David Pakman Show

    • An illustration of a hand holding a magnifying glass, inspecting a closed envelope. Representing Big Tech trying to inspect your personal and private emails and StartMail protecting you against ads and tracking.

      No Ads, No Tracking

      Break free from Big Tech

      Unlike Big Tech email providers, we don't make money off tracking your email activity, profiling you or serving intrusive ads. Startmail will never serve you ads, and protects you from identity theft, spam and phishing attacks.

    • An illustration of a hand holding a mask. This mask represents unlimited StartMail email alias addresses to send emails anonymous and  protect your main email address.

      Unlimited Aliases

      Protect yourself with Anonymous Aliases

      Need to provide an email address to sign up for an online service but want to protect your real identity? With StartMail you can generate unlimited disposable email addresses on the fly. Keeping your identity safe and your main email address free of spam.

    • An illustration of one hand holding a lock which has an encryption code all over it. And a hand holding a key with the same encryption code. This image represents the email sender holding the lock and the email receiver holding the key. Only the receiver can unlock the lock (encrypted message).

      Encrypted Emails

      Keep your email between you and your recipients

      Unencrypted email can be intercepted, and sensitive data can easily land in the wrong hands. With StartMail you can send encrypted emails to anyone, even if the recipient doesn’t use encryption. This ensures that other people can’t read your confidential messages, ever.

    Keep your email safe with StartMail

    An email service built by the founders of Startpage - the world’s most private search engine

    Short clip of the StartMail Video. An illustration of a desktop on a desk with a clock and a potted plant to the left and photo frames on the wall on the right. The desktop displays the StartMail logo. The content of the desktop gets folded into a paper plane, an illustrated hand grabs the paper plane and trows it back to the desktop. The paper plane is unfolded to the original image and displays the StartMail logo .

    Why StartMail?

    Watch our video to learn about the benefits!

    illustration of a surveillance camera

    The real price of free email

    There are plenty of so-called “free” email services, but they aren’t really free. You pay with your privacy. Big Tech companies are creating detailed profiles of our personal lives and making billions by selling our data. They save your private messages and information, even after you delete it. This opens you up to intrusive ads, identity theft, spam and phishing attacks!

    • 89%

      of people do not want their data used for personalized ads.

      StartMail puts you back in control - no tracking, profiling, or intrusive ads.

    • 70%

      of phishing emails are opened by their targets.

      StartMail warns you every time you click an external link to protect you from phishing attempts and keep your personal data safe.

    • 85%

      of all emails are spam.

      StartMail lets you create disposable email addresses for every service you sign up for. This protects your inbox from spam and helps identify where data has been leaked.


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    Plans include:

    • No entry icon
      No ads, no tracking
    • Aliases icon
      Unlimited aliases
    • Lock icon
      Send encrypted emails to anyone

    Popular features

    • icon storage

      20GB of storage

      Keep all your important messages safely stored in one place. With StartMail, you'll never have to worry about running out of space.

    • icon aliases

      Unlimited custom aliases

      Unique extra email addresses you can create and delete at any time. Help to keep your main address exclusive, and prevent spam and phishing.

    • icon lock

      Password protected email

      Send encrypted emails securely to anyone, anywhere. Even if the recipient does not use encryption, we allow you to set a password for them to receive and reply to your encrypted emails.

    • icon cursor

      PGP encrypted emails

      We make it easy to keep your emails secure with PGP encryption. With just one click, you can encrypt your email with PGP and ensure that only the intended recipients can read your message.

    • Icon representing Migration, contains a cloud and an envelope

      Seamlessly migrate emails and contacts

      Easily transfer your contacts and emails from other providers with just a few clicks.

    • icon customer support

      Great customer support

      If you need help, we are there for you. Our support team consists of humans who use StartMail daily - no chatbots found here.

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    Privacy-first email service that keeps your inbox safe

    We protect your data, activity, and privacy with state-of-the-art security and technology. 
    Built by the founders of Startpage - the world’s most private search engine

    Image of StartMail's inbox
    illustration of a globe with a paperplane going around with an European flag

    Dutch and proud

    European privacy, at its best

    We are in the Netherlands, meaning your emails and data are protected by Dutch privacy legislation and GDPR. And, yes, our servers are located here as well.

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    Private email you can trust

    We protect your data, activity, and privacy with state-of-the-art security and technology.

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