Release Notes May 2021

Welcome to this month’s release notes! Below you’ll find the latest product improvements and news.

📣 What’s New

Improved Sign-up Flow: Recovery Code

It can occur that you either forget or lose your account password. To ensure you don’t lose all access when this happens, we added an additional recovery method for you: the recovery code. You can receive a recovery code in the following ways:

  1. Settings

    In case you already own a StartMail account before this change was made, you can also create a recovery code in your Settings. More information on how to generate a recovery code in your Settings can be found in this Support Center article. This now allows you to have both the recovery code and recovery email enabled at the same time.

    2. Account Sign-up

    When signing up for a StartMail account, you will need to wait a few moments while your account is being created. Next, you will be shown a one-time recovery code. You are required to confirm having saved the one-time recovery code before you can go to your inbox.
    More information on how to sign-up for a StartMail account can be found in this Support Center article.

    3. Account Sign-up: Cookies

    In order for StartMail to work properly and protect your email privacy, we require some types of cookies such as session cookies, functional cookies, or persistent cookies. In absolutely no way will we use tracking cookies to serve ads to our users. Disabling all cookies in your browser can however result in you not experiencing the best version of StartMail.

    We found that some users were unable to sign-up for an account when having cookies disabled. We have now set up a page in the sign-up process to let you know that these cookies are safe and required to complete your account sign-up. More information on StartMail cookies can be found in the following Support Center article.

Come join our Team as the Content and Community Coordinator!

StartMail is seeking a sharp writer and skilled communicator to support StartMail’s content development and online community engagement.

As the Content and Community Coordinator, you will be a key-member of the StartMail team, directly contributing to the growth of our user-base by driving privacy and product awareness and growing our online presence. The Content and Community Coordinator is a cross-functional role that works closely with the Marketing, Product, and Support teams and proactively delivers content to help people learn about privacy, personal data rights and StartMail.

You will be responsible for planning, writing and publishing digital content across our blog, newsletter and social media. In this role, you will use content marketing and community management know-how to build a stronger, tighter knit, and continually growing StartMail community.

More information can be found here!

🎁 What is next?

Password Manager

We will be working on improvements for saving your account password in a password manager.