Release Notes May 2020

What’s new in StartMail? 

It has been another productive month at StartMail despite the Covid-19 situation. We hope you are not only protecting your email, but yourselves first and foremost!

We are doing our best to make the most of the situation to carry on improving our product for you. Here you can find an overview of the new features and bug fixes for the month of May.

📣 New features

Referral Program

Our team has an exciting announcement: we just launched the StartMail Referral Program! If you like StartMail and keeping your emails private, we invite you to share StartMail’s private email service with your friends. You and your friend can both earn a 50% discount coupon for an account renewal or upgrade. More information can be found in our support center article!


Thanks to popular demand we’ve made it possible to add emojis to messages you’re composing! When words don’t say enough you can now select and add emojis to your message from our library! StartMail also supports emojis if you copy/paste them from elsewhere. 🙂 😀 💌 👍 😍

Contact Management

Whether you’re setting up a new StartMail account or transferring from another provider – managing your contacts takes some time. You can now import your contacts to StartMail. Check our Support Center for information on how to do so.

New Homepage

Along with making improvements to the product itself, we recently updated our homepage to match the improved look and feel of StartMail. Rest assured – our mission to protect your online privacy remains untouched!         

🐛 Bug fixes

Deleting an IMAP device

It was brought to our attention that some of you were unable to delete your IMAP devices. When checking our code we found that it was not possible to delete an IMAP device with a slash in the name. This has now been fixed!

PGP Key Download

While working on additional functionalities for our encryption feature, we found that it was not possible to download your own PGP key at one point. This has now been fixed allowing you to go to the PGP key ring tab in your Settings and download your key from there.  


When attempting to create an Alias from the Compose view, if the name wasn’t available you would be presented with an error message before the window would close. We have now built a form that allows you to change your Alias right away in case it isn’t available. Creating an Alias has never been easier!

Keyboard Shortcuts

In the message list it was possible to use the ‘delete’ to key to delete emails whereas you could use the ‘d’ key as the way to delete emails inside the message view. It is now possible to use the ‘delete’ and ‘d’ keys to delete your messages in both views.