Release Notes June 2020

What’s new in StartMail? 

It’s nearing the summer period and we hope you are all getting back to your routine.

We have been busy enhancing our product offering for you. Here you can find an overview of the new features and bug fixes for the month of June.    

📣 New features

PGP Encryption

It is now possible use PGP keys interchangeably between the Classic and New StartMail version. More reasons for you to migrate to our New StartMail!

Contact Management

You can now organize your contacts with ease by creating, renaming, or deleting  a contact group. Importing and exporting contacts to and from StartMail can be easily done using a vCard format. You can also view your contact list in a horizontal mode on your mobile.  

Sign-Up Flow

We recently simplified the account signup process. You can now enter your preferred email address and a password and you’ve created an account! Once you access your inbox you will be reminded to provide a recovery email address. This will allow you to request a password recovery link in case you can’t access your account.

🐛 Bug fixes

Refresh loop after logging out  

It was brought to our attention that whilst having multiple StartMail tabs open, both of the StartMail tabs would enter an infinite refresh loop after logging out from your Account. This has now been fixed.   

Password Protected message on mobile

We found that when reading a password protected message (PPM) in mobile responsive view, the message body and header were not available. We fixed this allowing you to send encrypted messages to non-StartMail users on both your desktop and mobile StartMail interface!

🎁 What is next?

Alias Management

  • Create and edit an alias with options for the expiry date and customizing a display name
  • Options to activate and deactivate an alias
  • Options to copy an alias to clipboard
  • Reactivate an expired alias

Contact Management

  • Create and edit a contact with new fields

  • Option to set “always encrypt”, “always sign” and “always display images” for contacts