Release Notes July 2020

What’s new in StartMail?

It’s the summer period and we hope you all are doing well!     

We have been working hard at StartMail to continue enhancing our product offering for you. Here you can find an overview of the new features and bug fixes for the month of July.

📣 New features

Contact Management

We have improved the design for the contact detail view by building a useful overview. You can now also choose to enable the auto-encrypt setting per contact. Whenever you message that contact in the future, your email will automatically be encrypted.  

Improved Settings

We understand it can be time consuming when having to select a specific setting each time you want to send an email. To make this easier, we improved the Settings page which includes the following:  

  • The ability to auto-encrypt an email.
  • The ability to auto-sign an email.
  • The ability to always display external images.   
  • The ability to auto-encrypt emails for a specific contact.  

🐛 Bug fixes

Incorrect ‘From’ address when replying to an email sent from your own Alias email address

Previously, when a user tried to reply to an email sent from their own Alias to their main StartMail email address, often the “from” field” would repopulate the Alias email address. This has now been corrected, and every time a user replies to such emails, the StartMail main address in shown in the from field. 

🎁 What is next?

Account Recovery 

In the Classic StartMail version, it was possible to set a recovery email address and recovery code – where only one method could be enabled at a time. In the New StartMail, we empower the user to have both a recovery email address and a recovery code enabled at the same time. In case you forget or lose the details for one method, you can always revert to the other in order to access your account. Security and simplicity combined!