Release Notes February 2020

What’s new in StartMail? 

📣 New features

IMAP for Trial Accounts

We understand that you want to test a product’s full features and functionalities before making a decision to purchase an account. To help you out, we have now enabled IMAP for Trial Accounts. You can now test how compatible StartMail is with your email client!


MTA-STS has now been implemented for StartMail. This new internet standard instructs mail servers to use encrypted communication channels when connecting to our servers. It ensures that your mail is transported securely.


We’ve increased the maximum amount of contacts you can have.

Improved usability of recipient badges

  • Edit recipients by double-clicking on them.
  • Copy and paste recipients.
  • Drag and drop recipients.
  • Delete recipients by hitting the backspace button.

🐛 Bug fixes

Horizontal Split

The horizontal split option is now always shown in the layout options.

Email rendering

Some emails were not displayed properly. We’ve found and fixed some rendering bugs. If you are still experiencing issues, please let us know.

Password Protected Messages

Replying to a Password Protected Message wasn’t working when the recipient had an uppercase letter in their address. This has now been fixed.

🎁 What is next?

We are working on adding more features to make the product faster, more stable, and more usable. Stay tuned!