Protect your online privacy with unlimited email aliases

StartMail is a private email service developed by the creators of StartPage. This means a tracker-free inbox, one-click email encryption & unlimited disposable email aliases. With aliases, you alone choose who knows the real you.

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StartMail is based in The Netherlands and complies with EU GDPR privacy laws. GDPR is one of the most stringent regulations to protect consumer's personal data.

Stay anonymous & keep your inbox clean

  • Keep your inbox spam-free

    Use disposable email addresses to access a free ebook, or to permanently filter newsletters out of your main inbox.

  • Send and reply to emails anonymously

    Emails sent to an alias will show up in your inbox until you disable the alias. This way, you control who can reach you.

  • Protect your digital identity

    Use alias email addresses for online services to ensure your digital identity and online behaviour isn’t monitored.


  • Personal Account

    Private and encrypted email

    $ 59.95 Per Year
    • Easy setup
    • Unlimited aliases
    • Easy PGP email encryption
    • Full IMAP/SMTP support
    • 10 GB email storage vault
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  • Business Account

    Your domain, StartMail security

    $ 59.95 Per Year

    • Custom domain support
    • Centralized billing