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includes a free 7-day trial

"Protect your freedom, protect your privacy! Take back your email privacy today with StartMail!" — as heard on The Rubin Report

Private email you can trust

We protect your data, activity, and privacy with state-of-the-art security and technology. 
Built by the founders of Startpage - the world’s most private search engine

About this offer

For friends of Rubin it is a great time to make use of our The Rubin Report Deal where you can benefit from a flat 50% discount - 1st year only - when purchasing a new StartMail Personal Account! At our discretion, in conjunction with particular promotions, certain exceptions may be offered.

Get the deal

includes a free 7 day trial

No ads, no tracking

Break free from Big Tech

Companies make money by tracking your email activity, profiling you, and serving you ads. This is an invasion of your privacy. We don’t do this, period.

Unlimited aliases

Protect yourself with anonymous aliases

Extra email addresses you can create and delete at any time. Helps to keep your main address exclusive, and prevent spam and phishing.

Encypted emails

Keep your email between you and your recipients

Send encrypted emails to anyone. If your recipient doesn’t use encryption, they can receive and reply to your encrypted emails with a password you set for them.

Dutch and proud

European privacy, at its best

We are in the Netherlands, meaning your emails and data are protected by Dutch privacy legislation and GDPR. And, yes, our servers are located here as well.


Simple pricing for premium privacy

  • No ads, no tracking
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Send encrypted emails to anyone