Do people know they are being watched in this Miami cafe?

Would you like voyeurs thousands of miles away to watch while you and sip a cool drink? If so, you might want to grab one of the tables in this view of the News Cafe in Miami Beach, Florida. This is a still image from a livestream that shows customers eating, drinking and watching people pass along the sidewalk — day and night.

Here’s a description of the livestream webcam effort:

EarthCam and affiliate, popular News Cafe, have teamed up to deliver street-level views of beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. Watch as people dine at the restaurant before heading off to the beach for some swimming and sunbathing. South Beach is one of the hottest spots on the Atlantic Coast for nightlife, fun and sun. Let EarthCam and Sibilla By Bice restaurant take you there, with live streaming HD views of this trendy and chic city.

We have to wonder, though. Do the people know they’re on a live webcam feed? Likely not, based on our observations. We don’t see any obvious signs posted in view, and the patrons act as if no one is watching. Check it out for yourself here.

Here’s a still image from another EarthCam camera. This one is in Dublin. If you zoom out on the livestream, you can often see and hear a band performing for the crowd.

Of course, the EarthCam cameras are just a few of the millions of cameras trained on people everyday around the world. How do you feel about this? You can weigh in on the discussion at reddit, where our consumer privacy expert Liz McIntyre is engaging in discussion.