Vacancy: Senior Python Developer

Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Experience:  3-5 years of relevant experience.

Who we are

We are StartMail, a Dutch email provider with a mission to make email as secure and private as possible. We’re looking for creative and highly motivated minds to join our team of experts.

As a Senior Python Developer, you’ll be joining StartMail’s development team and working from our office in The Hague. You will be joining a growing and highly diverse team creating tech products used by many people around the world.

The opportunity

We’re looking to hire an experienced software engineer with a strong focus on Python. You’ll be part of the small team that builds and operates the StartMail service. A large chunk of your time will be spent building out and improving the HTTP API that is used by our Javascript webmail application but you’d also be working on the backend services behind the API, talking to IMAP and SMTP servers, dealing with OpenPGP, contacts, search, etc.

What we’re looking for ideally

  • You are a team player, you’re full of positive energy and you value privacy.
  • You love simple solutions, you’re precise and a finisher.
  • You are also a Python expert, preferring clean, idiomatic code over dense performance masterpieces.
  • You have a working knowledge of Linux, networking and protocols like HTTP and IMAP and SMTP.

You get bonus points for

The following things are a plus:

  • A degree in computer science is a plus, as is experience with distributed tracing and instrumentation (OpenTracing, Jaeger) and
  • experience working in the email field.

What does our toolkit look like?

We work with these tools and technologies:

ZFS, NFS, LUKS/Cryptsetup, KVM Docker, Kubernetes,, Ceph, Traefik, Let’s Encrypt, HAProxy, Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, Docker, Git(lab), Jira/Confluence, Postfix, Dovecot, Postgresql, Python, OpenPGP, Javascript, VueJS.

Why work at StartMail

  • You’ll have a key position in a growing international team of highly talented people who share a mission to protect the data & privacy of our users.
  • Creative freedom and the opportunity to grow and learn in a fast-paced environment.
  • A very competitive salary and a signing bonus.
  • Your choice of Macbook Pro or Dell XPS laptop.
  • Your own desk with plenty of space for plants, cat pics or other sources of inspiration.
  • Easy commute situated directly next to The Hague Laan van NOI train station.

Want to know more? Let’s grab a coffee!

Contact (tech lead) or (product manager).