StartMail is a growing email provider with a focus on privacy and security. We have built our own webmail client and are looking for an experienced senior front-end engineer that can help us add new features or entire products, and can help us raise the quality level in the front-end team and in the code.

The job is for 32-40 hours. We are currently working from home near 100% but expect to go back to office for a minimum of two fixed weekly days.


  • You will build new features for our webmail product, working closely with designers, back-end engineers and other front-end engineers.
  • You will increase the code quality by doing code reviews and refactoring.
  • You will be coaching front-end team members on the technical level


  • You must be a senior front-end developer with 5+ years of experience.
  • You care deeply about user experience and performance.
  • You are an expert with plain HTML/CSS/JS.
  • You know VueJS inside-out.
  • When you fight with Webpack, you win.
  • You speak English.

And the following are nice-to-haves

  • experience building progressive web apps & service workers
  • some knowledge of building back-end APIs and Python
  • a computer science or related education

You should apply if you

  • care deeply about privacy
  • believe in MVPs and iterating but not at the cost of the user
  • want to make an impact working in a small and passionate team
  • enjoy clean code, simple DOMs and think that refactoring is important
  • care about browser performance
  • like Typescript, or Vite
  • think the work is not done until it is in the users' hands

Don't apply if you

  • are a perfectionist or a starter instead of a finisher

To apply, please send your resume (PDF) and cover letter to