Dev/ops engineer

StartMail is a growing private email provider. For our dev/ops engineers "private" means that we run on our own physical servers. If you join our dev/ops team you will help us manage our network, server and storage infrastructure. You will help us scale as we grow and you will make sure our service is available and performant for our users. Finally, you will assist our support staff as needed.

The job is for 32-40 hours. We are currently working from home near 100% but expect to go back to office for a minimum of two fixed weekly days.


  • You will keep our services running and available year round.
  • You will work on ops projects to improve data durability, to scale and to improve performance.
  • You will work with developers to simplify and improve our software architecture.
  • Assist our support team with difficult support cases or cases that require operator intervention.


  • Strong experience running servers with Ubuntu Linux and systemd, Docker and Ansible.
  • You need to have strong analytical problem-solving skills.
  • You know your way around a data center, can manage firewalls, routers, switches etc.
  • You speak English.
  • Located in Randstad area.
  • Driver's license + car.

Tech stack

Our tech stack consists of Dell servers, Juniper switches, Ubuntu Linux and FreeBSD, Dovecot, Postfix, SpamAssassin, Ansible, HAProxy, keepalived, nginx, Docker, ZFS, NFS, LUKS, PostgreSQL, Python, Gunicorn, OpenVPN and more.

You should apply if you

  • want to be able to make an impact, working in a small, highly skilled and passionate team
  • care deeply about privacy
  • care more about uptime and security
  • are pragmatic

Don't apply if you

  • expect to work with cloud infrastructure and tools

To apply, please send your resume (PDF) and cover letter to