Back-end engineer

StartMail is a growing email provider with a focus on privacy and security. We have built our own webmail client and operate a growing email service with a back-end that consist of multiple services and an encrypted storage layer. We are looking for an experienced Python application developer to join our small but highly skilled team. We need your help maintaining code, adding new functionality, simplifying the overall architecture and eventually integrating a more scalable storage backend.

The job is for 32-40 hours. We are currently working from home near 100% but expect to go back to office for a minimum of two fixed weekly days.


  • You will build new features or back-end APIs for new features for our email service, working closely with designers, front-end engineers and our ops people.
  • You will help prepare work with the product people, steering towards technically efficient solutions.
  • You will increase the code quality by doing code reviews and the occasional pair programming session.
  • You will protect our code from bit-rot by doing maintenance, upgrades and refactoring.


  • You are a Python expert with at least 3 years of experience.
  • You care about time-to-market and performance.
  • You need to be somewhat self-sufficient because you will enter a complex environment (because email is surprisingly hard)!
  • You speak English.

And the following are nice-to-haves

  • experience with email servers and protocols; Postfix, IMAP, SMTP etc.
  • a computer science or related education

Tech stack

Our tech stack consists of Python, Gunicorn, Redis, PostgreSQL, Docker, ZFS, NFS, LUKS, GPG and more.

You should apply if you

  • care deeply about privacy
  • believe in MVPs and iterating but not at the cost of the user
  • don't mind being thrown in the deep
  • always leave the camp ground cleaner than you found it
  • want to make an impact working in a small and passionate team
  • enjoy clean code, simplicity and think that refactoring is important
  • like code formatters and linters like Black and Mypy

Don't apply if you

  • are a perfectionist or a starter instead of a finisher

To apply, please send your resume (PDF) and cover letter to